Schooling in Catalonia is universal and free in schools financed by public funds, which are known as public schools and subsidised private schools. The vehicular language at school is Catalan, with Castilian Spanish and other languages also being taught.

Access to education is a universal right and all children resident in Catalonia are obliged to attend school between the ages of 6 and 16 years old (including primary education and compulsory secondary education), regardless of their administrative situation. Between 0 and 3 years old they can go to kindergartens or nursery schools and between 3 and 6 years old to infant and primary schools.

Studying in Catalonia

The education system in Catalonia by stages


The Ministry of Education offers scholarships and grants to children, under the terms laid out in the regulations that govern them.

Grants from the Government of Catalonia

The adult population over 18 years old can finish off their education free of charge in an adult training centre run by the Catalan Government’s Ministry of Education or by the local authority.

Adult training
Occupational Training through the Catalan Employment Service
Occupational Training 2016 from Barcelona Activa


The Associations of Parents of Pupils or AMPA, are key organizations for the reception and support of newly arrived families at the school.