Once six months have passed from the application for international protection, the refugee obtains a work permit. This permit allows refugees to work while their application is being processed, either on a self-employed or salaried basis, and it is valid throughout the whole of Spain.

There are two types of contract according to their duration: temporary, which are fixed-term contracts with the possibility of being renewed, and indefinite ones that are “fixed” with no finalization date. Contracts can also be part-time, or full-time according to the collective agreements within the sector.

Working in Catalonia

Legislation relevant to employment
Organitzacions empresarials, sindicats i associacions i gremis professionals
Relacions Laborals i Qualitat en el Treball


The Catalan Employment Service (SOC) supplies resources for jobseekers.

Catalan Employment Service
Map of the offices of the Catalan Employment Service

Academic or professional training qualifications from other countries have to be approved for them to be officially recognised. Some countries have recognition agreements in place with Spain for foreign qualifications (approval and ratification) and others do not, and the procedures are different in each case.

Information on having qualifications recognised
University Qualification Recognition Mentoring Service