Catalan is the official native language of Catalonia. Castilian Spanish is also an official language in Catalonia. Additionally, Occitan is the official language of the Vall d’Aran.

Catalan is used in both institutional and public contexts: at school, in business, and also in the street; it is therefore necessary to learn it.

Catalonia and the Catalan language


Catalan, being Catalonia’s native tongue, is the common language for managing reception and integration policies. It is also the vehicular language for training and information and a fundamental means of fully integrating into the country. Knowledge of Catalan will also be of assistance in processing reports on integration and social implantation issued by the Government of Catalonia. The Consortium for Linguistic Normalization offers Catalan courses at all levels in different locations throughout Catalonia. The level for beginners is free. There are also online Catalan courses

To study for and obtain an official qualification in Catalan, contact the Consortium for Linguistic Normalization
To learn and practice Catalan online


Catalan is currently spoken by 9 million people in Catalonia, the Valencia Region, Balearic Islands, Northern (French) Catalonia, the Franja de Ponent (Aragonese Strip), the city of Alghero and Andorra.