Spain is a non-denominational country, and everybody who lives in Catalonia has the right to practice their own religion. The Spanish Constitution guarantees individual freedom in terms of ideology, religion and worship with the only limitation to their manifestation being that which is necessary to maintain public order.

Catalonia respects the country’s diversity of religious beliefs and provides for their peaceful coexistence. No-one can be forced to reveal or give information about their ideology, religion or beliefs. Discrimination on religious grounds is illegal.

The Government of Catalonia’s Directorate-General for Religious AffairsReception Website of the Government of Catalonia – Religious Freedom


Observatory of Religious Pluralism
Map of places of worship and religious communities
Ministry of Justice – Jurisprudence of interest concerning religious freedom


Would you like to make contact with a religious group or find a place of worship for your religion?

Contact the Directorate-General for Religious Affairs by email or call 935545852.